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  • Dental Testimonial Vikas - 4 Stars!
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    ""Thank you Dr.Nikhil Sinha for a wonderful experience, you make it so easy and painless! Great staff latest technology and Dr.Nikhil Sinha actually does the difficult work. Outstanding personal follow up, you want cheap, try comfort dental; you want the best try!"
  • Dental Testimonial Satish - 4 Stars!
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    ""Dr.Nikhil Sinha and his entire staff are acutely professional. They also provide a very warm atmosphere to make you feel as happy as possible through the process."
  • Dental Testimonial Sushil - 4 Stars!
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    ""To the team at Dentistry Redefined, Overtime my teeth became worn down, sensitive and made me look older than my years. Dr.Nikhil Sinha suggested gum reshaping, porcelain veneers, root canal treatment and teeth whitening.
  • Dental Testimonial Mukesh - 4 Stars!
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    ""What an amazing experience with Dr.Nikhil Sinha at her Dentistry Redefined! Dr.Nikhil Sinha replaced a poorly done bridge - the temporary was so good I wanted to keep it!"
  • Dental Testimonial Rajesh - 4 Stars!
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    ""Thank you Dr.Nikhil Sinha at her Dentistry Redefined! I am really pleased. What a difference! Very professional atmosphere, friendly staff and you went out your way to help my teeth look great. Well done."
  • Dental Testimonial Suresh - 4 Stars!
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    ""Was a very nice visit, would recommend Dentistry Redefined to any one that needs dental work done even just a cleaning call Dr.Nikhil Sinha. Everyone was very nice."


Restoring natural teeth is always advantageous than complete extraction when it can be saved by dental treatments. Dental science has evolved to a state that original teeth can be retained from further decay, fracture with the use of root canal treatment. The treatment method is a simple procedure that instead of using implants, ensures that the original teeth is saved from inflamed pulp build-up that leads to decay of the total tooth. It also saves the teeth from the abscess build-up that can affect the teeth structure and weaken it from its roots.
What are the benefits of endodontic treatment?
Root canal treatment in Delhi is a process where a dental crown is fitted at the back of the teeth in order to provide strength and support. This helps in avoiding tooth fracture while the diseased pulp is removed from the teeth and helps in restoring

the original teeth without any hurt. Root canal procedure helps in selectively taking out the pulp which is the leading cause of the tooth decay. With the treatment the bacteria that gets generated from the pulp formation is completely taken care of and helps the patient avoid facing pain while chewing.

Root canal treatment in Delhi is a successful procedure followed worldwide by the best dentists. The dentists have found it to be the most efficient method in managing the patient’s situation effectively and efficiently. Dentistry redefined follows a careful diagnose procedure that evaluates the need for the treatment and its success in helping patient recover from the situation. The dentists then follow the standard procedures of preparing for the treatment by implanting dental crowns before the treatment. The patient is then provided the best support for the treatment in the clinic.

Dentistry redefined recommends root canal procedure and has the most experienced dentists working in the field. The clinic uses the most advanced equipment and meets the international standards of hygiene. The procedure is carried with complete supervision and is tracked for its effectiveness every second. The patient will not be hassled in any manner and will find the procedure completely pain free.

With root canal the patient can relieve tension suffered while eating as the treatment will provide strength without causing any bleeding or internal decay. The treatment method will help save the original teeth from being extracted and maintain the natural features of the teeth. It will permanently help avoid any decay in the future with the normal upkeep of regular brushing and flossing.

Visiting the dentist can help you take care of your teeth at early stage and help you retain your natural teeth. The dentists will diagnose your situation and professionally advice the patient for the best option. Root canal is helpful in removing the damaged tissue from the tooth that causes the pain and thus should be considered while the dentist finds it feasible in particular conditions. It can help a patient relieve the pain and enjoy completely structured natural teeth without the need for any extraction or any dental implant.

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We provide a truly unique experience in dental treatment, by deploying the most technically advanced systems and the best customer service. Situated in the heart of delhi the practice sets the standard for dental excellence by following all the disinfection and sterilization procedures needed for infection control matching international standards.

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Dentistry Redefined Dental Clinic is recognised as one of the most reputed dental treatment centres in Delhi. Founded by well-qualified doctor- Dr.Nikhil Sinha, it offers all types of dental treatments. He completed his BDS from Manipal Academy of Higher Education (M.A.H.E), and MDS from All India Institute of Medical Sciences (A.I.I.M.S), the dental clinic has created a niche in this field by offering all best possible dental treatment services to its patients with the commitment of exceeding their expectations level.