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    ""Thank you Dr.Nikhil Sinha for a wonderful experience, you make it so easy and painless! Great staff latest technology and Dr.Nikhil Sinha actually does the difficult work. Outstanding personal follow up, you want cheap, try comfort dental; you want the best try!"
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    ""Dr.Nikhil Sinha and his entire staff are acutely professional. They also provide a very warm atmosphere to make you feel as happy as possible through the process."
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    ""To the team at Dentistry Redefined, Overtime my teeth became worn down, sensitive and made me look older than my years. Dr.Nikhil Sinha suggested gum reshaping, porcelain veneers, root canal treatment and teeth whitening.
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    ""What an amazing experience with Dr.Nikhil Sinha at her Dentistry Redefined! Dr.Nikhil Sinha replaced a poorly done bridge - the temporary was so good I wanted to keep it!"
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    ""Thank you Dr.Nikhil Sinha at her Dentistry Redefined! I am really pleased. What a difference! Very professional atmosphere, friendly staff and you went out your way to help my teeth look great. Well done."
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    ""Was a very nice visit, would recommend Dentistry Redefined to any one that needs dental work done even just a cleaning call Dr.Nikhil Sinha. Everyone was very nice."


Treatment of mandibular defects includes defects resulting from surgical resections of the mandible, tongue, or floor of mouth.
Prostheses Offered:
Mandibular Resection Prostheses: Mandibular resection prosthesis is a maxillary and/or mandibular prosthesis delivered after a mandibular resection to provide the remaining deviated mandibular segment improved occlusal contact with the maxillary dentition.

This can require the use of a flange, guide, or occlusal platform incorporated in the prosthesis to guide the mandibular segment into optimal occlusal contact.

Mandibular Reconstruction Prostheses: Mandibular reconstruction prosthesis is a prosthesis delivered after surgery to reconstruct continuity of the mandible following a mandibular resection.

Palatal Augmentation Prostheses: Palatal augmentation prosthesis is a prosthesis that allows reshaping of the hard palate to improve tongue-palate contact during speech and swallowing. The prosthesis is necessary in patients with impaired tongue mobility caused by surgery, trauma, or neurological motor deficits.


Prostheses Offered:

Speech Aid Prostheses: Speech aid prosthesis is a removable maxillary prosthesis to restore an acquired or congenital defect of the soft palate. A portion of the prosthesis extends into the pharynx to separate the oropharynx and nasopharynx during phonation and deglutition, thereby completing the palatopharyngeal sphincter.

Palatal Lift Prostheses: Palatal lift prosthesis is a removable prosthesis that aids in velopharyngeal closure by elevating an incompetent soft palate that is dysfunctional due to clefting, surgery, trauma, or paralysis.


Prostheses Offered:

Auricular Prostheses: An auricular prosthesis replaces the auricular portion of an ear that is partially or totally missing due to surgery, trauma, or a congenital anomaly.

Nasal Prostheses: A nasal prosthesis is a prosthesis that replaces a nose that is partially or totally missing due to surgery or trauma.

Orbital Prostheses: An orbital prosthesis is a prosthesis that replaces the contents of the orbital region, including the eyelids and the eyeball, following surgery or trauma.

Ocular Prostheses: An ocular prosthesis is a prosthesis that replaces an eyeball following surgery or trauma.


Prostheses Offered:

Prostheses for Cleft Palate and Other Craniofacial Anomalies: These prostheses are needed to obdurate a cleft or restore missing/defective dentition in patients with cleft palate or other craniofacial anomalies. Feeding aids for infants can also be fabricated.

Fabrication of Implant-Supported Maxillofacial Prostheses: Both intraoral and extra oral implant-supported maxillofacial prostheses can be fabricated. Fabrication of Cranial Implants: A cranial implant is a biocompatible, permanently implanted replacement for a portion of the skull.


Prostheses Offered:

Radiation Stents: A radiation stent is an intraoral prosthesis designed to position/shield tissues during radiotherapy of the head and neck regions.

Types of radiation stents include: Tongue Depressing Stents: A tongue depressing stent is a custom made device which positions the mandible and depresses the tongue during radiotherapy of head and neck tumours. These stents are more accurate and provide greater patient comfort than the commonly used "cork and tongue blade."

Balloon Bolus Supporting Stents: A balloon bolus supporting stent supports a saline-filled balloon bolus in a maxillectomy defect during radiotherapy following a maxillectomy due to head and neck cancer. The bolus serves to improve dosimetry at the defect site. The stent also positions the mandible and depresses the tongue outside of the radiation field.

Parotid Stents: A parotid stent contains an alloy that shields contralateral tissues during unilateral radiotherapy of the parotid gland or buccal mucosa.

Peroral Cone Positioning Stents: A peroral cone positioning stent positions a peroral cone during radiotherapy for head and neck tumours. This type of stent is commonly used when boosting the dose to the tumour site.

Radiation Carriers: A radiation carrier is a device used to administer radiation to confined areas by means of capsules, beads, or needles of radiation emitting materials.