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Brittle and bleeding gums usually go unnoticed until a person experiences severe pain or faces the ramification of a distorted smile. Some people face the prospect of enlarged gums due to small teeth formation on one side and have to live with a smile that displays these more than proportionate gums. Bleeding gums can thus become a bigger embarrassment in such cases and lead to a person losing their confidence. With smaller teeth, one faces “gummy smile” which is a word denoted to describe the state where the person has big gums compared to smaller teeth.

Some of the factors leading to gummy smile might be

  • Abnormal structure of teeth on both sides of the jaw. While one side might have big teeth the other might have smaller teeth leading to excessive display of gums
  • Prominent front teeth position compared to others
  • Worn out teeth leading to excessive display of gums compared to the teeth
  • Hyperactive lip muscles that lead to a bigger smile and a wider opening showing gums excessively

Bleeding gums can be caused by inadequate plaque removal at the gum line. This leads to a more severe condition called gingivitis. If the plaque does not get removed in time it could also lead to the formation of tartar which then leads to bleeding and other advanced diseases.

Gummy smile can be treated in different ways depending on the condition. Crown lengthening procedure is followed to adjust excessive gum formation and the jaw bone. The teeth are structured back with the use of crowns and veneers to give it perfect shape. Other cases might require alignment of the teeth as well as jaw surgery depending on the condition. In certain cases lip surgery is successful in combating the situation and helping patient avoid the deformity. Gums treatment in Delhi helps the patients recover from bleeding as well as enjoy strong jaw line without any difficulty. An aesthetically beautiful smile will definitely add to the personality and ensure that a person enjoys perfect oral health for a lifetime.

The gums treatment will be operated with standard procedure by the best dentists in the clinic. Dentistry redefined has some of the finest dentists with years of experience dealing in various complexities and have a 100% success rate in their treatment procedures. The world class dental equipments are available at the clinic and ensure that the patient is provided with the finest treatment at all costs.

Dentistry redefined will ensure that a proper diagnose procedure is followed so that the treatment process can be decided in advance. The patient will find the clinic completely hospitable and hygienic. The equipments go through the standard procedure of sterilization and will be completely free of any disease. The clinic ensures that the patients enjoys the best support and will endeavor to provide them the best dentists specialized in their respective area. Get examined today to find if your condition deserves the treatment and make sure to go through the process without any delay.