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  • Dental Testimonial Vikas - 4 Stars!
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    ""Thank you Dr.Nikhil Sinha for a wonderful experience, you make it so easy and painless! Great staff latest technology and Dr.Nikhil Sinha actually does the difficult work. Outstanding personal follow up, you want cheap, try comfort dental; you want the best try!"
  • Dental Testimonial Satish - 4 Stars!
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    ""Dr.Nikhil Sinha and his entire staff are acutely professional. They also provide a very warm atmosphere to make you feel as happy as possible through the process."
  • Dental Testimonial Sushil - 4 Stars!
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    ""To the team at Dentistry Redefined, Overtime my teeth became worn down, sensitive and made me look older than my years. Dr.Nikhil Sinha suggested gum reshaping, porcelain veneers, root canal treatment and teeth whitening.
  • Dental Testimonial Mukesh - 4 Stars!
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    ""What an amazing experience with Dr.Nikhil Sinha at her Dentistry Redefined! Dr.Nikhil Sinha replaced a poorly done bridge - the temporary was so good I wanted to keep it!"
  • Dental Testimonial Rajesh - 4 Stars!
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    ""Thank you Dr.Nikhil Sinha at her Dentistry Redefined! I am really pleased. What a difference! Very professional atmosphere, friendly staff and you went out your way to help my teeth look great. Well done."
  • Dental Testimonial Suresh - 4 Stars!
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    ""Was a very nice visit, would recommend Dentistry Redefined to any one that needs dental work done even just a cleaning call Dr.Nikhil Sinha. Everyone was very nice."

Dentistryredefined Offers Painless, Affordable, and Advanced Implant Dentistry

  • Skills & Experience for Remarkable Results
  • Affordable Prices, Expertise and Great Customer Service
  • Worldwide recognized Implant Dentist
  • Prefect Success Rate Over 99 % Last Year
  • A Joint Venture of AIIMS Post Gradates
  • Award Winning Dental Implant Clinic in Delhi
  • Advanced Implant Components & Materials
  • Innovative Dental Implant logy Using the Newest Technology
  • Latest State-of-the-Art Clinical Equipment
  • Complicated Dental Surgery Expertise
  • A ‘One Stop’ treatment centre

Dental Implants in Delhi – Avail Reliable and World Class Treatment

Completed Dental Implants Treatment in Delhi at Affordable Price

If gap between your teeth is giving wrong impression, compelling you to miss out good nutrition and also has snatched beautiful smile from your face, don’t worry because dental implant option offered by Dentistryredefined is the best solution for filing that gape and bringing back your smile. Unquestionably, it is very difficult task, which can be done by professionally trained dentists under the supervision of expert dental implant surgeon. We understand it. Therefore, we have hired a team of highly qualified and experienced dental implants experts who

have been serving the patients for long time and also competent enough to diagnose, treat and also cure the patients.

Some of the dental clinic performs dental implantation with the help of untrained and unprofessional dentist as result they could only deliver a small fraction of the biting force of natural teeth. At the time, we provide the same service by experts under the supervision highly reputed dentist consequently our patients can bite with forces close to that of natural teeth. They enjoy better chewing efficiency lead to better results in better digestion and improved health of patients.

Dental implant in Delhi offered by our experts supported prostheses are held firmly to the jaw lets patients to speak and smile with full confidence. These implants also look very natural and give awesome look to you face. With highly effective and modern dental implants the patients do not have their dentures slipping and sliding in their mouth again and they will certainly take the complete enjoyment of superb fitted dentures.

All staff at our dental care centre is committed to offers the best service and ensure the completed satisfaction of the patients. Our modern technique in the file of dental implantation and highly skilled and experienced has given strength to treat several number of patients across New Delhi & NCR. Owing to effective result and long term association with our patients enable us to become the most trusted name in the field of dental implant.

If you are feeling bad or embarrassed because gape in your teeth, then just make a call or come to our clinic, our qualified dentist will provide the best possible dental implantation to you. Do not need to think much about fee because our service is affordable yet highly effective. After implantation, you will feel as normal as natural teeth and also will be able to eat whatever you want.