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Dental Tourism in India

Dental tourism is a subset of the sector known as medical tourism. Also found under the heading of Dental Vacations. It involves individuals seeking dental care outside of their local healthcare systems usually in combination with taking a vacation to a foreign country.

The main reason for choosing medical tourism in Asia is because of the vast cost differences of treatment. The other differences come in later, like services offered in hospitals and the holiday packages. The treatments offered are exactly the same, whether it is a coronary bypass or a case of cosmetic surgery. Dental services in India are excellent too, and cost a fraction of the amount that a patient would pay in the US.

There are significant cost differences between India and the USA as well as the UK. Medical treatment in India is cheaper in all respects, and there is no waiting time. Even the private hospitals and clinics offer you procedure charges for bone marrow transplant, liver transplant or heart surgery at half the price that is offered in any other country.

If you compare the procedures of Dental Treatment in India to USA and UK, the same ratio of comparison is evident. Dental procedures like smile designing, metal free bridge, dental implants and root canal treatment are not only done at half the price as in Europe or America, but they are done in India by top dentists and the services along with it are top class too. Services like doctor's fees and hospital charges are also 50% less and this has given rise to dental tours in India, which is a combination of a dental treatment and a holiday.

In spite of the reasonable prices offered in India for dental treatment, the quality of the treatment is still the best. The standard is truly world class as is seen in Dentistry redefined Dental Clinic which have qualified and experienced staffs that has been trained in the best medical institute of India.